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I Have Some Adjustments To Make

Thomas Jones has to be productive in order for the Jets to hold their own offensively. Obviously in a situation where you want to make a fast throw you won't have time to set up like that, but the motion will be familiar. This piece of advice is pretty basic but I have seen the odd person neglect it and try to throw a baseball or football like you would in shotput. As you do this, pull your right arm back how to throw a football around in a smooth curve, and throw your left arm in the opposite direction (towards the target). Some teams might hardly ever throw the ball, if ever, at the youngest age groups.

It how to throw a football far and accurate certainly is. Every action we do on a football field starts with our core muscles and propagates outward through the extremities. Yeah, seeing Cam Newton jump and throw a 25 yard bullet down the field shows you the difference between just good technique and a combination of technique and genetics. Same way pitchers in baseball can throw a ball at 70-100+ miles an hour consistently for up to and over 100 times a game, with the right mechanics. I'm only 5'5 and not all that strong but I can easily throw a football 40 yards. You could be taught perfect technique today, but you'll maybe throw the ball 5-10 yards farther.

I coach at the 7-9 year old group and last year one QB could throw it about 10 yards and the other could throw it 20-25 yards. The kid that could throw it 20-25 yards consistently is not the norm at that age level from what I have always observed. However, the fact that you have a kid who can throw deep with some accuracy forces most defenses to honor that and backs them off another yard or two.

If you look at Justin Allen's throws above (esp the second one), you can see how effortless the throw is. This is because it's mechanically sound. Really, one of the best thing to do to understand throwing mechanics is to throw the disc like a sidearm pitcher for a flick, and like an 3/4 pitcher for a hammer. You will be able to throw a hammer or a flick from this lower body motion, and it will recruit the power of your legs, torso, and back. It's also important to recognize that there is not one specific ‘correct' way to hold a football when passing it.

I only have average American boy experience throwing footballs and baseballs, but, I would have to say that throwing a football requires more arm strength. The football is heavier, and it's thrown farther and it's thrown from more of an upright or even off balance stance, rarely from an ideal stance except in practice. Yeah, natural selection has not yet resulted in a little dude who can throw it past my CBs.

Post by horribledormito43 (2016-01-29 06:41)

Tags: how to throw a football far and accurate

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